Hangouts FAQ for administrators

How is classic Hangouts different for G Suite customers?

Classic Hangouts allows users within an organization to securely communicate with up to 25 participants in the same organization. Thumbnail images of the 10 most active video call participants are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Hangouts also synchronizes seamlessly with other G Suite services, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Contacts.

G Suite administrators can manage user accounts, define organizational units, and perform other administrative features not available with the consumer Hangouts.

Does classic Hangouts chat work with Google Vault?

Yes, Google Vault supports classic Hangouts chat messages that are retained if chat history is turned on. The Hangouts Chat retention policy governs all chats in Gmail, classic Hangouts, and Hangouts Chat.

  • History-on (archived) classic Hangouts chat messages are retained according to the Hangouts Chat holds and retention rules in Google Vault. Archived messages can be searched, exported, and placed on hold for eDiscovery purposes.
  • Shortly after a retention period has expired, archived messages will be expunged from classic Hangouts, Hangouts Chat, and a user's Gmail mailbox. They will no longer be searchable or exportable by Vault administrators or Vault users with the appropriate privileges.

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Is classic Hangouts for G Suite supported on my Android or iOS mobile device?

Yes. Learn how to install the Hangouts mobile app on all your devices.

Hangouts chat photo sharing requires Google Photos

If you want to use the photo-sharing functionality in classic Hangouts chat, you need to turn on the Google Photos service in your Admin console.

Note: Google Photos is an additional service that is not subject to the terms of your G Suite account agreement.

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