Import contacts into G Suite

Use G Suite Migration for HCL® Notes® (GSMIN, formerly G Suite Migration for IBM® Notes) to migrate each user's personal contacts and groups into G Suite. 

Alternatively, users can import personal contacts to G Suite using a vCard (.vcf) file. The vCard file that HCL Notes produces might not contain all of the contact fields supported by G Suite. The significant contact fields are imported, however.

Step 1: Export contacts from Notes

Refer to your HCL Notes documentation to see how to export contacts to a vCard (.vcf) file. Make sure you specify that the file should use the Native character set. Then, save the file to your computer. 

If you're exporting more than 3,000 contacts, create 2 or more smaller vCard files and import these files separately.

Step 2: Import contacts into G Suite

Get your users  to import the vCard to their personal contacts by following the instructions in Add, move, or import contacts

Note: You can't import any mailing or distribution lists you have created in HCL Notes.

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