Google Workspace Known Issues


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See Troubleshoot issues in the Google Calendar Help Center.

Deeply nested groups

Description: Google Calendar can take up to 48 hours to propagate changes in deeply nested groups to event permissions.

Can't change event owner

Description: For large events (200 or more guests), you can't change the event owner, even if you have write access to the calendar. Also, each member of a group is counted as a guest. So if you invite a group with 200 members to an event, that event is considered large.

See also Directory Help.

Delegation support/the legacy Contacts UI is no longer integrated into Gmail

Description: The legacy Contacts UI is no longer integrated into Gmail, but is available at As a result, Gmail delegates no longer have access to the delegated contacts manager. To set up delegation in Contacts, see Give another user access to your contacts.

  • Delegation will continue to be supported going forward.
  • The Contacts UI supports Contacts delegation when accessed in standalone mode.
Contacts groups are not available to delegates

Description: We’ve identified that some users were dependent on the delegates’ ability to manage Contact groups in the old version of Gmail delegation. This functionality has changed in the new version. Delegates are still able to view, create, and email individual contacts and groups of contacts when in delegated Gmail, but cannot modify or delete contact groups.

As before, access to contacts and contact groups is available via the Contacts Picker by clicking the “To” link in the Gmail “Compose” window. Users who were previously using Gmail delegation to manage other aspects of contacts are encouraged to set up delegation within the Contacts product.

Some users see an alert about issues with their profile photo

Description: We’ve identified a small number of users who unexpectedly see one of these alerts regarding their profile photo:

  • A prompt to "Choose a single profile picture" in
  • A warning in Gmail on the web that their "Mail picture may not be visible in all Google products"

Google Workspace administrators cannot retrieve affected users’ profile pictures using the Google Workspace Admin SDK Directory API.


See Fix a problem in the Gmail Help Center.

Video previews in Gmail don’t work

Reported date: 08/22/2018

Description:Video previews aren’t working in Gmail.

Workaround: Users need to download the video attachment and play the downloaded attachment.

New Gmail UI does not support Contact Delegation implicitly

Reported date: 09/11/2018

Description: Contacts delegate access was formerly granted implicitly in some scenarios, when the users were creating delegates with Classic Gmail UI. With the launch of the new Gmail UI however, contacts delegation must be explicitly granted by users. This change in product behavior has happened for security reasons.

Inline images in autoresponder might show as broken files

Reported date: 2019

Description: Under some circumstances, inline images are not shown in autoresponses to email recipients. Gmail displays a missing file icon instead.

Workaround: Users can host canned response images on external hosting providers and include them in the canned response from there.

 Groups  Google Chat

Occasionally some Google Chat activity isn't logged as expected

Learn more about Chat log events.
Workaround: none
 Google Meet
People can't hear an attendee who is using a macOS computer
Some Apple Mac computer settings might prevent Meet from using your microphone.


  1. Unmute your device.
    1. Go to your device system settings.
    2. Make sure your microphone is turned on.
  2. Unmute yourself in Meet: At the bottom of the screen, click Unmute .
    Note: Other people can mute you, but can’t unmute you.
  3. On computers using Mojave version 10.14 or later, let Chrome Browser and Firefox access your computer’s microphone using the privacy settings.

    1. Go to System Preferencesand thenSecurity & Privacy.

    2. Select Privacyand thenMicrophone.
    3. Next to Google Chrome or Firefox, check the box.
  4. In a Chrome Browser tab, enter chrome://restart to restart Chrome and reset all Chrome apps and extensions.
  5. Restart your computer.

Learn more about additional options to unmute your computer.

Resources in different time zones can't be booked for all-day events
When a user adds a room or resource to an all-day event, it's scheduled in UTC, coordinated universal time, from midnight to midnight the next day, regardless of the room's time zone. This can cause the resource to be declined, even if it appears to be available.


When adding a resource in a different time zone, schedule the event for 24 hours instead of selecting All day.
Meet recording requires Google Drive to be turned on
Meet recordings are stored in Google Drive. As a result, people in your organization can record meetings only if Drive is turned on for them, and they have permission to create new files on Drive.


To let people record meetings, administrators need to turn on the following services and features:

Meet is unresponsive when using Citrix VDI

A user's Meet session can become unresponsive when using the Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).


Reset the user's Citrix VDI session and have them log back in.

Related topics


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For an overview of Admin console tasks, see Use your Admin console.

Can’t upload more than 5 users with a CSV file

INTERNAL ONLY: The bug number for this issue is b/265618022. 

External info

Description: In the Admin Console, there’s a problem when you update multiple users with a CSV file. This is due to a known internal License Management issue. This occurs when you are both using the New Licenses [UPLOAD ONLY] column and including more than 5 users in the CSV file. The upload then fails and the system does not update users' license assignments.


If you’re unfamiliar with GAM and would like to know how to set it up, see Use a third-party tool for quick mass provisioning.

Some types of data might not be supported by the Data Export tool

Data Export provides export functionality for Google Workspace Core Services. However, the export might not include everything you'd expect. In this case, certain data must be exported through alternative means, as available.

The only currently known limitation is that in a filtered Data Export, only service data owned by users is exported. Learn more about what data isn't exported in a filtered Data Export.

Please contact Google Workspace Support for further clarification or assistance.

Unmanaged user invitation email redirects users to Google Workspace Essentials page

INTERNAL ONLY: The bug number for this issue is b/258839366. Check out the Metabug info here!

External info

Description: When you are inviting unmanaged users to your Google Workspace organization, the system sends a Google account transfer request email. When users click Transfer account in that email, they will be redirected to a page that mentions Google Workspace Essentials. This occurs regardless of the subscription on their Google Workspace account. Users can still follow the steps in the page to successfully convert their personal accounts to Google Workspace accounts.

User-reported phishing alert may not trigger if Data regions are selected

Description: If a Data region is selected (set to an option other than 'No preference'), then the 'User-reported phishing' alert may not trigger in Alert Center.

Workaround: Use these alternate methods to capture User-reported phishing events:

Content Compliance rules with regular expressions sometimes don’t match on .xls attachments

Description: For advanced content matches, Content Compliance rules with regular expressions sometimes don’t match on .xls files. This issue may sometimes affect some other file types such as .csv.

Cannot delete Google Workspace account due to active Google Cloud resources

Reported date:31/07/2020

Description: The Admin console prevents Google Workspace account deletion when there is still active usage of Cloud resources (projects, folders, etc.) associated with that account.

Note: Before deleting projects, reach out to their owners as they might be running your user’s or an external client’s applications. Deleting projects can lead to client app production failure on the Google Cloud project on which the app is running.

Workaround: Before deleting a Google Workspace account, the super admin must first delete all associated Google Cloud projects and folders. If you want to find resources associated with your Cloud organization, go to Google Cloud. The super admin will need the Organization Administrator, Folder Admin and Project Deleter Role to modify project and folder resources.

If your Cloud organization has Apps Script Projects, you need to delete them along with other Cloud projects before you can delete the Google Workspace account. For details, see Get a list of Apps Script Google Cloud projects

If your Cloud organization has Access Context Manager policies defined, you need to also delete them before you can delete the Google Workspace account.

If you would like a programmatic way to interact with your Organization’s resources, see this script found in our open source Github repository.

You might see a blank window when trying to manage shared drives

Reported date: 09/03/2018

Description: You might see a blank window when trying to manage shared drives.

Manage shared drive users in the Admin console > Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Manage shared drives (subject to edition availability).

Workaround: Make sure the admin has a Google Workspace license that includes shared drives. Ensure the Drive and Docs service is enabled.

Vault icon may appear in Workspace editions that don't include Vault

Description: Your users may see the Google Vault icon in App Launcher, even when Vault isn't included in your Google Workspace edition. In these cases, your account isn't charged for Vault, and users who click the icon will see a page explaining that they don't have access to the service.

Simultaneous actions in the Admin console can cause settings to be overwritten

Description: When multiple admins are working at the same time on the same settings page, or when the same admin is updating a setting across multiple tabs, updates to settings can overwrite each other with no warning to the admin.

For list settings (such as Appsand thenGoogle Workspaceand thenSettings for Gmailand thenRoutingand thenEmail forwarding using recipient address map), data entered in one tab can be lost if the list is simultaneously updated in another tab.

Workaround: Make sure to refresh your settings page immediately before changing a setting, to ensure that the settings page is not in a state of change. Then, refresh the settings page again after making your change, to verify that your new settings haven't been overwritten by another admin.
 Billing  Data migration & sync
GCDS deletes a group & creates a new one

The issue can happen with Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) in 2 situations.

Situation 1

You rename a group email address in Microsoft Active Directory (AD) after the group synced to Google Workspace. Following a sync, GCDS deletes the current group and creates a new group with the new email address.

Workaround 1: Don't change the group email address in AD.

Workaround 2: Manually change the group email address in both AD and Google Workspace so that they match.

Situation 2

The issue happens when:

  1. Your group email address contains special characters (such as !#$%&'*+/=?^_`).
  2. The group synced to Google Workspace using a GCDS version earlier than 5.0.20.
  3. You upgrade GCDS to version 5.0.20 or later.
  4. Following a sync, GCDS tries to delete the group and create it again using the special characters.

Workaround 1: Remove the special characters from the AD group email address.

Workaround 2: Add the special characters to the email address in Google Groups.

GCDS doesn't update the configuration file when you delete a users search query

Description: The issue is seen with Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) version 5.0.22 when you complete the following steps:

  1. In Configuration Manager, click Google Domain Configurationand thenExclusion Rules.
  2. For Users Search Query, enter a user's search query and save the configuration file.
  3. Delete the same query and save the configuration file.
  4. Compare the configuration file in step 2 with the file in step 3.

    The configuration file is the same. The deleted query wasn't saved to the file.

Workaround: Open the configuration file and manually delete the <usersSearchQuery> setting. 

Data migration service: User migration fails with error 25002

Description:  If user migrations fail when using the data migration service and you get a 25002 error, it's due to your Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals edition.

Workaround: In the destination account, put the users into an organizational unit and set the age label of the organizational unit to All users are 18 or older. Then, try the migration again. For details, go to Control access to Google services by age

GCDS doesn't correctly sync license after a user's primary email is changed

Description: The issue is seen with Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS). If you change a user's primary email on the LDAP server, the rename isn't taken into account when GCDS syncs the user's license. GCDS tries to add the license to the renamed user and you get a 412 error.

 Device management  Device syncing

See also Use Google Workspace on mobile devices.

Inconsistency in security keys reporting

INTERNAL ONLY: The bug number for this issue is b/296987099.

External info

Description: The number of security keys enrolled by a user is displayed in two different sections of the Admin console; however, they are not consistent with each other.

The correct number of security keys enrolled by a user is displayed in the Security section of a user's security page, that is, the number of hardware security keys registered for a user.

If a user uses their phone's built-in security key, this mistakenly adds a value of one to the number of security keys registered for a user in the Security keys enrolled column in the Reportingand thenUser Reportsand thenSecurity section. You can have only one built-in security key on your account.

Users are no longer able to add their phone as a security key to their Google Account; however, any devices currently set up will continue to work.

Duplicate View events for iOS sessions

Description: View events associated with iOS sessions may be counted twice in this scenario: If a Gmail iOS user opens a message and swipes left on the message to return to the email conversation list, Email Log Search stores two View events for the message:

  • one event for the message that was opened
  • one event for the next message in the list view of all messages

This occurs from the inbox or from any folder where a user is browsing and opening messages.

Half-enrolled 2SV state

INTERNAL ONLY: The bug number for this issue is b/284288391. 

External info

Description: When 2-Step Verification (2SV) is enforced, users who have not completed the 2SV enrollment process, but have added 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) information to their account, such as a security key or phone number, will be able to sign in using this information.

The status of the half-enrolled users shows in the Admin console as Not enrolled, even though they need to pass a 2FA challenge every time they sign in. To see this in the Admin console, go to Reportingand thenUser Reportsand thenSecurity and check the status of the 2-Step verification enrollment column.

User flow that demonstrates the issue

For a user who is already using their account on a phone:

  1. The user goes to enroll in 2SV. 

  2. For Google Prompt, they click Choose another option, and select Text message or voice call
  3. They enter a phone number to receive a verification code.
  4. Once the user enters the code,  a confirmation screen asks them if they want to turn on 2SV. 
  5. If the user does not click Turn On, they remain in the half-enrolled state.

2SV settings for a half-enrolled user

If a half-enrolled user, who is in an organizational unit with 2SV enforcement, visits their 2SV settings page, their confirmed phone number will be shown; however, the 2-Step Verification will show as Off.

Prompt after logging in

Here is what happens for this user from now on:

  • Until the enforcement period expires, the user continues to get a prompt to enroll in 2SV (see the following screenshot).

  • After the expiration of the enforcement period, the user will get challenged for a 2SV on the verified number. After successful login, the user is still prompted to enroll. This might be confusing, but might prompt some users to complete the enrollment process.

  • If the user selects remember this computer during enrollment, the requests to enroll don’t appear until the enforcement period expires.

Duplicate View events for iOS sessions

Description: View events associated with iOS sessions may be counted twice in this scenario: If a Gmail iOS user opens a message and swipes left on the message to return to the email conversation list, the security investigation tool stores two View events for the message:

  • one event for the message that was opened
  • one event for the next message in the list view of all messages

This occurs from the inbox or from any folder where a user is browsing and opening messages.



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See also the Google Drive Help Center.

Drive for desktop (formerly Drive File Stream) known issues

For known issues in Drive for desktop, go to the dedicated known issues page here.

Packaged Keynote, Pages, and Omnigraffle files show up as folders in Drive

Description: The OS X operating system identifies a group of files in a directory as a "package," although the package will appear as a single file when viewed in Finder or other OSX tools. Other operating systems like Windows and Linux do not support this type of package directory, and, currently, neither does Drive.

Workaround: While the files will appear as folders in Drive, they will display normally once opened.

Video files with the same filename causes one to not play
Description: If you upload a video to Google Drive with the same filename as one that's already in the destination folder, the original file won't play.
Workaround: Users should download the original video for playback, or upload the original video again using a different filename. 

See the Docs Help Center.

 Forms  Keep  Sheets

See also the Sheets Help Center.

Google Sheet too large to be edited

Description: In very rare circumstances, a Google Sheet may grow too large to be edited and will be forced into read-only mode.

Workaround: While the document is permanently in read-only mode, individual tabs can usually be copied out. To do this, right-click on the tab, go to Copy toand thenNew spreadsheet to create the new sheet. Another approach you can take is to download the spreadsheet or copy and paste information from the spreadsheet into a new document.

In Google Sheets, importrange provides a way to circumvent a privacy option

Description: In Google Sheets, importrange is a way to circumvent the "Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers" option.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

In Google Sheets, importrange counts towards the item sharing limit

Description: In Google Sheets, importrange counts the sheet being shared against the maximum sharing limit allowed for documents, even though it's only sharing information with another document.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

In Google Sheets, cell data may disappear

Description: In very rare circumstances, a cell's data may disappear from the current version of a sheet.

Workaround: You can recover the missing data by viewing the cell's edit history.

 Sites  Classic Sites
Deeply nested groups

Description: Google Sites can take up to 48 hours to propagate changes in deeply nested groups to access permissions.

Error 150 or 151 & embedded YouTube video won't play

Description: Google Workspace for Education users get an Unable to play video message and error 150 or 151 instead of an embedded YouTube video.

Some YouTube videos can't be played in the embedded player in Google Slides. We are working to provide a more detailed message for users.

Error 150: This error is due to copyright issues, restrictions the content creator has placed on the video, or because the YouTube Player for Education does not allow music videos. 

Workaround: Open the video directly in

Error 151: This error occurs because YouTube Player for Education enforces content-filtering restrictions set on the user's account. Depending on the restrictions, the user might be prohibited from watching certain videos. 

Workaround: You need to change the restrictions for the user or organizational unit. For details, go to Give certain users unrestricted YouTube access.



See the Google Classroom Help Center.

Can't link multiple teacher accounts in your SIS to one email address
Description: If you recreate a previously deleted teacher account using the teacher’s old email address, the address is still associated with the old student information system (SIS) account.
Workaround: The affected user needs a new email address to use in Classroom and in the SIS. 
Grades duplicate in the SIS when exported from relinked class
Description: When you unlink Classroom from your SIS and then relink it, grades will duplicate in the SIS when you export them from Classroom.
Note: This does not apply to Skyward SMS 2.0.
Workaround: To avoid duplicate grades, teachers should not export a previous assignment after relinking classes. 
Archived classes are still linked to the SIS
Description: Archived classes in Classroom aren't unlinking from the SIS.
Workaround: Restore the archived class in Classroom and then unlink it from the SIS. You can then rearchive the Classroom class.
Previously exported assignments cannot be reexported once deleted
Description: Classroom assignments that have been exported to the SIS can't be reexported if they're deleted from the SIS.
Workaround: The teacher should recreate the assignment and re-enter the grade in Classroom.

Teachers receive a 502 error when downloading grades for large classes

Description: Teachers receive a 502 error when downloading all grades to a CSV file for a class
with more than 100 stream items and 100 students.
Workaround: No workaround at this time.

Students can’t preview Drive files on mobile if the download, print, and copy setting is disabled

INTERNAL ONLY: The bug number for this issue is b/169106196.
Description: In the Classroom mobile app, students can’t preview Drive files if the download, print, and copy setting is disabled.
Workaround: Teachers can change the download, print, and copy setting on the file to allow students to preview a file on mobile.

Orphaned classes occur when a primary teacher account is deleted

Description: After a primary teacher's account is deleted, classes can't be transferred to a co-teacher.

Workaround: No workaround at this time.

How we define a Known Issue

We work on isolating and fixing every product issue that we're aware of. Some issues might not be listed here. We characterize known Issues as follows:

  • We can consistently reproduce an unexpected behavior.
  • Engineers are actively working towards a fix to correct the behavior.
  • The issue is observed globally and has generated a large number of support cases.

What's not a Known Issue

  • Product outages: Up-to-date outage information is posted within the Google Workspace Status Dashboard.
  • Feature Ideas: We'd love to hear your thoughts! Go ahead and file a Feature Idea.
  • Low impact issues: We're also working to fix low impact issues but might not list them here. If you think you might be impacted by an issue that's not listed here, you can contact us.

What to expect from a Known Issue

We intend to fix every issue listed in Known Issues. However, we can't guarantee timelines. In the meantime, we'll add available workarounds as we discover them. For questions or comments, contact us.

Google, Google Workspace, and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. All other company and product names are trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.

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