Set up G Suite MX records

Why configuration is necessary

To use Gmail with G Suite, you need to set up your domain's MX records so that the mail flow is routed to Google servers. Set up the MX records using the domain host administrative tools. The exact steps to reach the host can vary. The generic procedure for the host in use, in this case Register, is shown below.

What are MX records?

MX records are DNS settings associated with the domain that routes mail to the servers that host your users' email accounts. These settings are managed by the domain host, not by Google. To ensure that messages are always delivered, you can create records for multiple servers, all of which can deliver mail to your users. So if a server is not active, the messages are routed to another server. To determine which servers to try first you can assign priorities, using values like 10, 20, 30 and so on. The lowest value indicates the highest priority.

For example, if the domain has two MX records, 10 and 20, messages are delivered first to 10 because the highest priority is allocated to the lowest number. If that server is not active, mail is redirected to 20, and so on. If different MX records have the same priority, one of the servers is chosen at random.

1. Open the G Suite setup wizard

Open the G Suite setup wizard

  1. Go to and sign in to the Google Admin console. Enter your G Suite email address and password. The email address ends with and is not an account or a personal Google account.
  2. Once logged in, click on Domains from the Admin console menu.

    Manage Your Domains icon

  3. Click Set up Google MX Records next to the domain you want to set up.

    Set up Google MX records link

  4. Leave the setup wizard open in this browser window. You will continue to refer to the setup wizard throughout the verification process. Soon you will be asked to open another browser window to complete the domain verification on your domain host's website.
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2. Access the domain host website
  1. Keep the G Suite setup wizard open, then open a new browser window and go to the Register site,

    Two browser windows are shown. Window 1 is for the domain host site, and window 2 is for the Google Setup Wizard.

    Whenever you see the G Suite icon in these instructions you will need to complete the corresponding step in the G Suite setup wizard.
  2. On the Register site, click on Area Clienti (Customer Area) at the top right.
  3. Enter the email address and password you created when you purchased the Register domain, then click on Login.

    If you don't have the account information, you can reset your password or contact Register Support.

    Accedi (Login) button

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3. Find the settings to configure MX records in the Register administration panel
  1. In the Register site, select Domini e Prodotti (Domains and Products) in the section I TUOI PRODOTTI (YOUR PRODUCTS) on the right.


    This way you will be able to see the list of registered domains.

  2. Click on the domain you want to set up for G Suite. You will then be redirected to the domain management control panel.

    Domain link

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4. Set up the MX records
  1. On the Register site, click on Dominio & DNS (Domain & DNS).

    Dominio & DNS icon

    The DNS and MX settings management page will open.

  2. Click on Configurazione DNS (DNS Configuration).

    Dominio & DNS icon

  3. Scroll down to the Configurazione DNS attuale (Current DNS Configuration) section and choose Gestione avanzata (Advanced Management), then click OK in the alert popup window.

    Gestione avanzata

    Ok button on pop-up window

  4. In the G Suite set up wizard, choose Show instructions for other domain hosts from the drop-down menu.

    Any hosting company button

  5. On the site, click on Aggiungi Record (Add Record).

    Agguingi Record button

  6. For each MX record, enter the information as follows:
    • In the Nome (Name) column, copy your domain name.
    • Leave the default TTL column blank.
    • In the Tipo (Type) drop-down menu, choose MX.
    • In the Valore (Value) field, enter the priority number followed by a space and the name of the Gmail server:

      MX records table

    • For the Host/IP option, keep the default values.

      MX drop-down menu option

      The configuration steps shown here are specific to Register and differ from the instructions in the G Suite set up wizard. For more information see the help page.
  7. Click on Applica (Apply) to confirm.

    Applica button

  8. Then click on Continua (Continue) to save the changes.

    Continua button

  9. Repeat the operation until you have finished entering all the MX records in the table, which will be visible in the Elenco DNS (DNS List) page of the Register site.

    DNS records listed

  10.  In the G Suite set up wizard, check the I've completed these steps box.

    I have completed these steps button

  11.  Wait for Google to complete its validation of the MX records configuration. This step may take up to 48 hours.

    MX records setup validation in process

5. Verify the MX records
Once Google has completed the MX record validation process, you can send a test email to the configured accounts.

To troubleshoot the MX record configuration, see the help pages.

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