Ask your domain host to add a TXT record

When you reach a support agent from your host on the phone, or are writing an email or live chat to your domain host's support team, use the following script:

“Hello! I have a domain with [host name] and am setting up my domain with Google Workspace. I want to add a TXT record to my domain to verify domain ownership with Google. Can you please add the record to my domain for me?”

If the support agent says that your domain host can add the record for you, log in to the Google Admin console and click through the Setup Wizard until you reach the point where you can view the verification token, which is a long string of letters, numbers, and symbols:

The token is very long, so you may want to ask if you can paste it into an email to send to the agent. Otherwise, when the agent asks for what to include in the TXT record, read the Google verification token over the phone.

Before you leave the call, make sure that the agent has successfully added the record. If the record has been added, you can return to the Setup Wizard and confirm that the domain is verified.

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