Allow external guests to join by default

By default, all Hangouts video calls are restricted to users inside your organization’s domain: external guests can join if added to the Google Calendar event, or if an internal user allows them to join after the Hangout starts. Learn more.

You can change this setting, however, so all video calls begin with external guests allowed to request access.  This means that external guests can always request to join your organization’s Hangouts video calls if they have the meeting link.

Note: If your organization is migrating an existing domain name (such as to G Suite, some people may have trouble joining Hangouts video calls if their G Suite accounts are not yet turned on.  We recommend that administrators turn on the setting that allows all invitees to join using the meeting link.  This setting can be turned off after everyone in the domain has a G Suite account. 

Why is this default setting useful for external guests?

Allowing users to request access to Hangouts video calls by default has the following benefits:

  • External users can always request to join video calls using the meeting link (URL). They do not need to be invited, and sharing does not need to be manually enabled. Learn more.
  • Provides the best experience when using non-Google integration services to join Hangouts video calls. Since users of some non-Google video integration services are treated as external guests, allowing guests to request access by default provides the best experience. 
  • Simplifies access to video calls when G Suite accounts are not provided to all users in your organization. For example, using Chromebox for meetings without provisioning Google accounts for all of your users.
  • Ensures that all users in your organization can request to join while being migrated to G Suite.
Allow external guests to join using the meeting link by default
  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. From the dashboard, click Apps, then click G Suite > Talk/Hangouts.
  3. Click Global settings.
  4. Under Hangouts video calls, select All classic Hangouts video calls begin with external guests allowed to request access..
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