Why my Google service is suspended

Applies to G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

If you purchased your service from a reseller, go here instead |  Do I have a reseller?

If you sign in to your Google Admin console and see a message that your Google service account has been suspended, it's probably because of a billing issue. To lift the suspension and keep using Google services, you must resolve the issue.

How to resume service if your...

Free trial expired

When you sign up for your Google service, you can use the service free during your trial period. After that, you must set up billing to begin paying for service. If you don't set up billing during your trial period, we'll suspend your services until you do.

What to do: Set up billing and payments for G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, or Cloud Identity Premium.

Monthly payments failed

If we can't successfully charge your billing account for a monthly payment and you don't fix the problem within 30 days, we'll suspend your service.

What to do: Fix payments to lift a billing suspension

Annual contract canceled

(Annual Plan customers, only). If you're on the Annual Plan and cancel your annual contract, we'll suspend your service until you renew your contract.

What to do: Renew a canceled Annual Plan contract

Domain registration through Google expired

If you purchase your domain through Google and therefore manage domain payments and renewals in a Google billing account, your service can be suspended if you let your annual domain registration expire. If you don't renew your registration quickly, you also risk losing ownership of your domain.

What to do: Renew an expired domain registration

To lift any other type of suspension, follow the instructions that appear in your Admin console.

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