About synchronizing resources

You can synchronize HCL Notes calendar resources and Google Calendar resources using Google Calendar Resource Sync (GCRS).

Every 5 minutes, the system checks for event conflicts after each resource is synchronized. It processes active resource profiles and only future events.

Primary & replica calendars

GCRS employs a primary and replica approach to event synchronization. The system where the event was originally created is the primary and it overrides the other system (the replica) when the synchronization process runs.

For example, if an event is created in Notes but updated in Google after synchronization, any updates made in Google are undone the next time the synchronization runs.

Synchronizing & migrating events together

GCRS is compatible with Google Workspace Migration for HCL Notes (GWMHN) R4.1 and later only. You should not deploy GCRS if you have migrated Notes resources to Calendar resources using earlier versions of GWMHN or any other migration software.

GCRS and GWMHN work together in the following way:

  1. GCRS adds an event to Google during resource synchronization. At this point, Notes is the primary system.
  2. GWMHN subsequently migrates the event organizer’s calendar. The event appears as a Calendar resource, which shows 2 copies of the same event.
  3. During the next synchronization cycle, GCRS finds the newly migrated event. GCRS then:
    1. Removes the event created in step 1 from Google Calendar.
    2. Removes the original event from the Resource Reservations database.
    3. Synchronizes the migrated copy of the event from Google back to Notes.

    Google Calendar is now the primary system. 

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