Conflict reports

Google Calendar Resource Sync (GCRS) checks for conflicts and reports them during a normal synchronization process. Conflicts occur when a resource is booked for the same time in both systems, and the bookings are made in between two successive synchronization runs.

You must resolve conflicts manually.

Review conflict reports

A resource that is found to have conflicts is identified in the Resources view with the red no entry icon. When the conflict is resolved, the red icon disappears.

screen shot of conflict report

Run a conflict report

As well as GCRS reporting conflicts during synchronization, you can run a conflict report manually.

  1. Click Resources.
  2. Click Run Conflict Report.

The results are logged to the GCRS log under the Conflict Report category.

View conflict details

  1. Click Resources.
  2. Click the resource that has the red no entry icon.
  3. Click Schedule information.

    You can then see the event’s conflicting details.

The resource owner resolves the conflict by deciding which user’s booking has priority.

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