Hangouts system requirements

You can use Hangouts with most editions of G Suite. Just make sure the required services are enabled and that your users' devices meet the requirements for video calls.

See below for the specific requirements:

G Suite editions

Hangouts video calls are automatically on for G Suite, Government, and Education as well as Standard edition (free edition). Admins can choose to disable video calling for the domain or for organizational units within it whenever they want.

  • G Suite, Government, and Education editions include the following enterprise benefits:
    • Create a named video call.
    • Create and join a multi-way video Hangout.
    • Create a domain restricted Hangout.
    • Join Hangout by name or from
    • Hold video calls with up to 25 participants.
  • The Standard edition supports 1:1 video calls by default. Multi-way video calls between up to 10 people are supported.
Required G Suite services

Video call requirements

The G Suite services required for Hangouts video calling are enabled by default, so no action should be required to start using video calls. However, if you are unable to create video calls, verify that the services were not disabled for your organization or organizational unit.

  • Verify that the Talk/Hangouts service is enabled.
  • In addition, verify that voice and video calls from Hangouts are enabled for each user.  This setting is enabled by default. 
  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. On the dashboard, click Apps, then click G Suite > Talk/Hangouts > Advanced settings.
  3. In the Organizations section near the top of the page, select your domain or the organizational unit for which you want to configure settings.
  4. In the Additional Services section, select Allow users to place voice and video calls from Hangouts.

Chat requirements

Additional Google services may be required to support Hangouts chat features (such as Google Photos for photo sharing). Learn more.

Device requirements for users

Hangouts video calls are automatically enabled for G Suite users, but each user device must also meet the following requirements:

Network requirements

Your network must be optimized to support Hangouts. Learn more.

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