Escalate problems

If you can't configure and run Google School Directory Sync (SDS), first try to resolve the problem using Configuration Manager or by reviewing common SDS issues.

If the problem persists, collect these details and contact Google Workspace support:

  • The most recent synchronization log file—Located in the folder where SDS is installed. Support often requests that you capture log file information with your log level set to TRACE to collect more information. For details, see Specify log settings.
  • The SDS version number—Find in Configuration Manager. Click Helpand thenAbout or you can run the sync-cmd-sds -V command.
  • Your current XML configuration file—Located in the folder where SDS is installed (default name sync.xml).
  • The brand and version of the school information system directory server you're using.
  • The operating system on the machine where SDS is running.

If you're having trouble creating and exporting the necessary CSV files, contact your school's directory system support team. Our support team can help troubleshoot SDS, but doesn't provide support for your school's system software or hardware.

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