Schedule automatic syncs

After you successfully run a manual synchronization using Google School Directory Sync (SDS), you can use existing third-party scheduling software to automate future syncs.

You can schedule syncs to suit the size of your school—the number of classes, students, and how often school information is updated. For example, a large school with many users and classes that change frequently might need to run SDS multiple times a day. A small school with infrequent changes might only need to sync once a week or term.

Schedule automatic syncs

  1. Depending on your OS, choose an option:
    • For Microsoft Windows, use the Task Scheduler tool.
    • For Linux, update the crontab file.
  2. Check for any sync notifications.
  3. Schedule the checkforupdate.exe command to check for SDS updates.

Note: Google does not support these third-party products. To troubleshoot these tools, contact your system administrator.

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