Create CSV files

You create comma-separated values (CSV) files so you can synchronize data from your school information system to Classroom and G Suite for Education. When you set up your sync, you’ll enter a link from Google School Directory Sync (SDS) to the CSV files.

CSV file format

  • You name and format the files according to IMS OneRosterTM v1.0 specifications. You must keep all the files in the same directory as SDS.
  • The OneRoster standard includes 7 files, but only 5 are required for SDS.
  • The files must have these exact names for SDS to import them.
  • Make sure you're importing the correct number of users. If you import more users than you have G Suite for Education licenses for, you might get errors during synchronization. For details, see Licences.
  • When configuring the users.csv file, use your school's primary domain for teacher and student email addresses. SDS does not support secondary domains.
File Required for School Directory Sync?
orgs.csv Yes
users.csv Yes
courses.csv Yes
classes.csv Yes
enrollments.csv Yes
academicSessions.csv No (will be ignored if included)
demographics.csv No (will be ignored if included)

Next steps

Install School Directory Sync

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