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About Google School Directory Sync

With Google School Directory Sync you can automatically create Google Classroom classes and populate their roster using data from your student or management information system. You can also use School Directory Sync to add, modify, and delete users and groups. Your system data is never modified or compromised. School Directory Sync is a secure tool that helps you keep track of classes, users and groups.

You use the School Directory Sync Configuration Manager to customize synchronizations. You can perform test synchronizations to find what works best for your organization and then schedule synchronizations to occur when you need them.

Need to sync data with G Suite? To synchronize data in your G Suite domain with your LDAP directory server, use Google Cloud Directory Sync.

Key benefits of School Directory Sync

  • Synchronizes your Google Classroom classes to match the user data in CSV files that you specify or create
  • Performs a one-way synchronization. Data on your system server is never updated or altered.
  • Runs as a utility in your server environment. There is no access to your data outside your perimeter.
  • Includes extensive tests and simulations to ensure correct synchronization.
  • Includes all necessary components in the installation package.
Google+ profiles and School Directory Sync: Your organization is solely responsible for complying with all laws and regulations that are applicable to the provision of Google+ profiles for your users. For details, see Considerations before enabling Google+.
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