6. Verify settings and simulate a sync

After you configure your settings in Google School Directory Sync (SDS), you can review them and correct any problems before you run a simulated sync to test the process. Your CSV files, Classroom, and Google Workspace for Education data is never changed in a simulated sync. The simulation is strictly for reviewing and testing your configuration.

During a simulation, Configuration Manager:

  • Connects to Google Workspace for Education.
  • Reads your CSV files and depending on your settings, generates a list of classes, users, groups, and organizational units.
  • Generates a list of differences between the CSV files and Google Workspace for Education data.
  • Logs all events.
  • Generates a report that shows the changes that would have been made to your Classroom or Google Workspace for Education data if it wasn’t a simulated sync.

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Verify settings and run a simulated sync

  1. Open Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Sync.

    You can check the status of your settings on the Validation Results & Sync tab.

  3. If you see a checkmark next to a setting, it’s complete and ready to go.
  4. If you see an X next to a setting, click the section and update the setting.
  5. When the required fields are complete, click Simulate Sync.
  6. (Optional) Click Clear cache. Clearing cache can dramatically increase synchronization time.
  7. If the simulated sync generates a list of changes that you want to accept, click Sync & apply changes to save them.

Note: The list confirms the minimum settings for a sync. You might need to configure additional filters or rules to verify all the results.

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