5. Specify log settings

After July 1, 2022, we no longer support School Directory Sync (SDS). Instead, use the Student Information System (SIS) roster import. Learn more

When you run a synchronization with Google School Directory Sync (SDS), you get a log file that you can use to troubleshoot problems.

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Specify log file details

  1. Click Logging.
  2. At File name, enter the directory path and filename for the log file. Or, click Browse and choose a directory.
  3. Choose a log level. See the table below for details.
  4. At Maximum Log Size (GB), enter a figure for maximum log size. See the table below for details.

Log level and size settings

Setting Description

Log Level

  • FATAL—Logs fatal operations.
  • ERROR—Logs errors and fatal operations.
  • WARN—Logs warnings, errors and fatal operations.
  • INFO—Logs summary information.
  • DEBUG—Logs more extensive details.
  • TRACE—Logs all possible details.

The level of detail is cumulative—each level includes the details of the previous levels. For example, ERROR includes all ERROR and FATAL details. The TRACE level includes all possible information. The INFO level is recommended.

Maximum Log Size (GB)

This setting specifies the maximum size of the log. When the file reaches half capacity, it’s saved as a log file and a backup file and overwrites any existing backup file. At any time, the total size of these 2 files won’t exceed the total maximum log size specified.

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