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Email Settings API

What can I do with the Email Settings API?

The primary purpose of the Google Email Settings API is to provide a scalable solution for administrators to programmatically update Gmail settings for multiple users. Instead of configuring user settings account by account, admins can configure the email settings of many users by making requests to a GData feed. Some of these modifiable settings include labels, filters, signatures, vacation responders, "send mail as" aliases, interface language, email forwarding, POP, IMAP, and more.

Who can use the API?

Currently, our G Suite and Education customers can use the API functionality. It is intended for use among larger customers that need programmatic control over their respective users' email account settings.

How do I get started?

If you are a G Suite or Education customer, then the API is automatically enabled (so you do not need to turn it on).

To use the Google Email Settings API, you'll need to send an HTTP request to a specific URL that represents a particular user's setting. The request will be one of two types—either a POST request that performs a create operation to create new labels, filters, or send-as aliases. Or, a PUT request that performs an update operation for changing any of the modifiable settings listed at the end of the first section. Each URL will either support a create operation, or an update operation. Retrieve and delete operations are currently not supported.

The body of the PUT or the POST requests will contain XML that describes either the entity to be created, or the new values that the settings should take. Google will verify that all requests contain valid XML, include all required data fields, and meet the authentication requirements given below.

For API authentication instructions or information on proper code documentation, please visit the Email Settings API Developer's Guide.

Where do I go for help?

For additional information or troubleshooting, please search the G Suite API discussion group here.

If your question is not properly answered by the developer's guide or in the help discussion group, please contact the API support team by classifying your issue here.

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