Verify your domain for G Suite

If you're verifying your domain for Drive Enterprise edition, go here instead.

Before using G Suite, you must verify that you own your domain or secondary domain. A domain is what comes after www. in web addresses. This is probably your organization's name, followed by .com, such as

You have to verify that you own your domain to ensure that no one else is using your domain for your Google service without your permission (to send email, for example). After you verify, you can start using your G Suite services.

Tip: If you bought your domain from a Google partner when you signed up for G Suite, your domain has already been verified.

How to verify your domain

Use our step-by-step instructions to verify your domain based on your domain host. These instructions will guide you to open the G Suite Setup Wizard and follow the instructions to verify your domain.


You can also get help identifying your domain host, or find generic steps if your host isn't listed.

About domain verification

How domain verification works

You will be guided through verification using the Setup Wizard.

When you sign up for G Suite, you’re given a verification record.

To verify your domain, you have to sign in to your domain host (typically where you bought your domain name, for example GoDaddyTM or Enom®). Then, you add this record to your domain’s DNS records or DNS settings.

When you’ve added the verification record, from your Google Admin console, tell Google to look for this record. When Google sees it, your domain is verified and you can start using your services.

What you need to verify your domain

To verify your domain with Google, you must have:

  • The sign-in information for your domain host. You can usually reset your passwords in the sign-in section of most domain hosts.
    If you’re not sure where you bought your domain, see Identify your domain host.
  • The verification record or file from Google. When you sign up for G Suite, you can choose which type of verification record you want to use in the Setup Wizard.
    If you can access your domain’s DNS settings at your domain host, copy and paste the TXT, CNAME, or MX record. You can also upload a meta tag or HTML file to your website. You can find out which record is best to use with your domain host in the host-specific instructions.
  • Access to your domain’s DNS settings or access to your website. You need to add the TXT, CNAME, or MX record to your domain’s DNS settings. Or, you can add the meta tag or HTML file to your website’s files.
    The verification record doesn’t affect your website or email.
  • (Optional) Your new G Suite username and password. If you’re not in the Setup Wizard any longer, you can tell Google to check for the verification record from your Admin console.
Get help to verify

Help is available to verify your domain. Contact support for personalized help that’s included with your G Suite subscription. Google Cloud Support is available for customers with Silver, Gold, or Platinum support levels.


Who is my domain host?

If you’re not sure where you bought your domain, see Identify your domain host.

Is my domain verified?
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If you haven't verified your primary domain, you'll see a Set up Admin Console prompt at the top of the Admin console dashboard that will walk you through the steps to verify.

To check if a secondary domain is verified, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Domains and then Manage domains.

    To see Domains, you might have to click More controls at the bottom.

    • If you see your domain information displayed, your domain is verified.
    • If you see Activate domain in the Status column next to your domain name, click the link and follow the verification instructions.
When should I verify my domain?

Verify your domain or secondary domain as soon as possible to use G Suite services. Verifying your domain doesn’t affect your email or website.

If you don't verify a few days before the end of your free trial period, your G Suite account will be automatically canceled and you'll have to sign up again.

How long does verification take?

Adding your G Suite verification record takes about 10 minutes. The time it takes for your verification record to become active depends on your domain host. After your records are active, it can take up to 1 hour for us to confirm you added the record, but it usually happens quickly.

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