Verify domain ownership

When you sign your business up for a Google for Work product, you provide the domain name you want to use with Google services. This is the unique name that appears after the @ sign in your company email address and after www. in your web site address. Before your organization can use Google services like Gmail with your company's domain, you'll need to verify that you own it. This ensures that no one else can use services or send email that appears to come from your company.

Verifying your domain does not disrupt your current mail service or affect other existing services.

Verify your domain

Options for verifying your domain

You can verify your domain in any of several ways, depending on which is most convenient. To do this, you'll need to update either your domain's DNS settings or files on your domain's web server. Google can then detect your updates and verify that you own the domain.

Choose a method from your Admin console and we'll show you the steps:

  • Add a TXT record or CNAME record to your domain's DNS settings.   Recommended
    Requires accessing your domain's DNS settings at your domain host's website.
  • Upload an HTML file to your domain's web server.
    Requires being able to upload files to your domain's web server. Try this if you don't have access to your domain's DNS settings.
  • Add a <meta> tag to your home page
    Requires editing a file on your domain's web server. Try this if you have edit access to files on the server but can't upload new files.
How to get started

Just sign up for a Google for Work product and follow the instructions that appear during the signup process. They will walk you through choosing a verification method and completing the steps.

If you already signed up but skipped the option to verify, sign in to the Google Admin console and click the link at the top of your dashboard to confirm that you own your domain. Then follow the instructions.

You must complete verification within 21 days if you're signing up for Google Apps, and 14 days if you're signing up for Android for Work. If you don't verify ownership within this timeframe, we'll remove your domain and data from our system.


When should I verify my domain?

Once you're asked to verify your domain, it's best to do so right away. Until you verify, you won't be able to use Gmail and some other business services.

If you signed up for Google Apps for Education, Google Apps for Government, or Google Apps for Work, you must verify domain ownership within 21 days. If you don't verify ownership within this timeframe, we'll remove your domain and data from our system. If you want to use Google Apps in the future, just sign up again with your domain.

You must also verify domain ownership when adding a domain or domain alias, and you might be asked to do so if Google has to reset your administrator password.

When you verify that you own a domain, you also prove that you own all of its subdomains, and all sites in those subdomains. For example, if you verify and later add, you're automatically verified as the owner of
How long does verification take?

It depends on which verification method you use:

What if I need help?

Some verification methods require making changes to your DNS setting at your domain host's web site. For help making these changes, contact your domain host directly.

For help with other verification options, contact our Support team (available for Google Apps for Work, Education, or Government customers).

Some third-party Google Apps partners also offer paid setup assistance. Check out the Google Apps Marketplace to find a partner.

Why is my domain not activated even though 'Already verified using this method' appears in my verification instructions?

The Google Search Console service needs to be enabled for your administrator account to successfully complete the verification. This additional service is enabled by default but if you're having trouble activating the domain even though you see the message 'Already verified using this method' in the verification steps, please ensure that the Google Search Console is correctly turned on for your administrator account and try again.

If you purchased your domain from a Google partner while signing up for your Google account, you don't need to verify your domain (as we've already verified it for you).