DNS management requirement

How do I configure my existing domain to work with Google services?

If you signed up for a G Suite account with an existing domain name, you'll need to be able to make changes to your DNS settings to activate G Suite. The three main changes are:

  1. Verifying your domain—some verification methods require updating your domain's DNS settings. Learn more.
  2. Modifying your domain's MX records to point to Google's servers to activate your email service. Learn more
  3. Creating custom web addresses for G Suite services by modifying your CNAME records. Learn more

Note: You'll be able to make changes to your domain's DNS settings only if you're a domain administrator.

I purchased my domain name through Google. Am I required to make changes to my DNS settings?

If you purchased your domain from one of our registration partners while signing up for G Suite, your domain is automatically configured to work with Google services. In this case, you don't have to make any changes to your domain's DNS settings.

If you'd like to use G Suite but don't have an email address issued by your work or school, you may also be interested in G Suite with domain registration.

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