Požadovaná stránka aktuálně není k dispozici ve vašem jazyce. V dolní části stránky však můžete vybrat jiný jazyk, případně pomocí funkce překladu integrované v prohlížeči Google Chrome jakoukoli stránku okamžitě přeložit do vybraného jazyka.

Get started with the data migration service

If you’re not sure which Google migration product to use, go to the migration product matrix.

You can use the data migration service to easily import data into your new Google Workspace account using the Google Admin console. All migrated data is copied, not moved or deleted, so you can still access the data in your source account after a migration. Depending on your source account, you can use the data migration service to migrate email, calendar, and contact data. 

Set up the data migration service

  1. Check whether your source account is supported

    You can migrate from most systems, but your source account and set up affects what data you can transfer.

  2. Get your new Google account ready for data

    Before you begin, make sure your new Google Workspace account is ready for the migrated data.

  3. Set up your source account

    To use the data migration service, you need to complete some set up steps in your source account.

  4. Start the migration process

    With the data migration service, you follow a simple, self-guided setup, migration, and troubleshooting process in the Admin console. Most mail servers can connect automatically.

About smart features & personalization

You or your users decide whether smart features in Gmail, Chat, Meet, and personalization features in other Google products can use data from Gmail, Chat, and Meet. You can configure these settings for users, and users can always choose their own settings. Learn how to Turn on or off Gmail, Chat, and Meet smart features and personalization.

Note: To use smart features and personalization after a data migration, they must be on before the migration. Otherwise, several core Gmail features, such as autosorting, do not work.

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