Monitor usage and security with reports

As an administrator, you can examine potential security risks, measure user collaboration, track who signs in and when, analyze administrator activity, and much more. You can view domain-level data alongside granular, user-level details through graphs and tables.

Admin console reports

Click a report below to get started.

  • Highlights—See overviews of key metrics and trends in your organization including app usage, users status, file visibility, and security.
  • Security—Assess your domain's overall exposure to data breach. Discover which users pose security risks by not using 2-step verification, installing external apps, or sharing documents indiscriminately.
  • Apps Usage Activity—See how your organization uses G Suite over a specific period by examining email activity, the number of spreadsheets created, the number of files shared, and more.
  • Account Activity—Access all the data from the Security, Apps Usage Activity, and Highlights pages in a single master report.
  • Audit Logs—View logs of various activity, including admin activity, mobile activity, and more.

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