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Google Workspace Migration for HCL Notes

If you use Google Workspace Migration for HCL Notes (GWMHN) to migrate recurring calendar events, occasionally you might find key event information is missing in a user's calendar. In these instances, the event is marked as a build error in the calendar.

Important: Google Cloud Support cannot guarantee every event will migrate, nor do we provide event-level troubleshooting, so review the steps in this article.

What is a build error?

A build error occurs when GWMHN is unable to generate a recurrence rule (RRULE) expression for a recurring event, because key values are missing from the Notes event. The most common missing values are RepeatUnit and RepeatInterval. These values are used to determine the FREQ and INTERVAL values for a recurrence rule.

For example, a repeating event that occurs daily has a RepeatUnit value of D and a RepeatInterval value of 1. These values are used to produce the following RRULE expression: "RRULE:FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1;UNTIL=YYYYMMDDTHHMM000Z"

Can I ignore build errors?

First, determine whether the error occurred for the organizer or an attendee:

  1. Locate the parent document of the event.
  2. Right-click the parent document and select Document properties.
  3. Click the second tab to display the list of items and verify the Chair (organizer) property value.
  4. To determine if the build error occurred for the organizer or an attendee, choose an option:
    • Check the migration profile in GWMHN.
    • Check the mail database title, which should appear as the name of the Notes user.
    • Use the Tools-Preferences menu option to verify the name of the mail database owner.
  5. Compare the organizer with the user who experienced the build error.

    If they don't match, you can ignore the error.

If the build errors occur on an attendee's copy of the event, the organizer's copy will still migrate correctly, and the attendee's calendars will update accordingly.

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