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Google Meet hardware brings Google Meet video conferencing to any size room. All-in-one touchscreen devices are perfect for spaces with one or two people, while Series One Room Kits connect to a separate display for collaboration in any size space, from small groups to large conference rooms.

A license and annual subscription fee is required for each device. 

Hardware options

  • Google Meet hardware–Video conferencing solution for standard-sized rooms or large rooms. Includes the Chromebox, touchscreen, camera, and speakermic. For details, see Set up Meet hardware kits (small to large spaces).
  • Chromebase–Video conferencing solution for small spaces (1 to 2 people). Includes a 24-inch touch screen, camera, microphone, and speakers–all in one device. For details, see Set up all-in-one Chromebase (for small spaces).
  • Desk 27 all-in-one–An all-in-one video conferencing device for personal desktops and small shared spaces. Use it to collaborate in video meetings, share your ideas on a whiteboard, or even as a monitor for your computer. For details, see Set up Desk 27 all-in-one (personal spaces).

Setup options

You use the Google Admin console to manage rooms and devices, and to assign a calendar to a device. Once you set up and enroll your device, users in your organization can easily schedule and join meetings using Google Calendar.

* Google Meet Hardware and Chrome OS devices are only supported in the original configuration when purchased. You can't convert Chromeboxes or Chromebases purchased with standard Chrome OS to a video conferencing system. In addition, purpose built Google Meet hardware devices cannot be converted or used as standard Chrome OS devices.

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