Merge domains from separate accounts

If you're managing multiple domains from separate Google accounts, you might instead want to manage your domains from one account. That way you can sign in to one Admin console to manage users and services for all your domains. Users in your domains can also share your Google services across one organization.

To do this, you must delete all but one of your accounts, removing domains and users from the deleted accounts. Then add these domains and users back to the account you chose to keep. For more information, see Removing a domain or domain alias.

Service disruption. Consider performing this procedure when an extended amount of downtime will not disrupt your business. If you encounter issues at one of the steps below, you may not be able to use your secondary or alias domain for a while. 

To delete an account and move its domain:

  1. Choose the account you want to keep.

    This should be the account with the domain that you want to be your primary domain. Choose this account carefully as only the primary domain can have custom web addresses and domain aliases.

  2. Delete the account  whose domain you want to move.

    This requires deleting users and their data from the account. But you can save their data for them, first.

  3. Add the domain whose account you deleted to the account you chose to keep.

    Add the domain as either a separate domain or domain alias, depending on whether the domain has its own set of users. Which should I choose?

  4. If you added the domain as a separate domain (because it has its own set of users), add the users to the account. When doing so, you'll be prompted to associate them with the domain they should belong to.
  5. If you saved the users' data from the old account, import their data back into this account.
Google Play Developer accounts? If a Google Play Developer account is associated with a user account name you want to change to use a new domain, the user account name will no longer be associated with the Developer account once you delete it, even if you create a new user account with the same email address. To maintain access to the apps in the previous Google Play Developer account, you need to create a new Google Play Developer account using your new user account name and request an applications transfer for apps in the previous account. For more information, see Transfer apps to a different developer account and Link a Google Play Developer account to Google Payments Merchant Center.
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