Merge domains from separate accounts

You can merge domains from separate managed Google Accounts, such as Google Workspace or Cloud Identity, into one account. When you do, you can manage users and services from one Google Admin console. Then, users in those domains can share Google services.

Before you begin

First, perform this procedure when an extended amount of downtime won’t disrupt your business or organization. You might not be able to use your secondary or alias domain for a while.

Also, choose the account that you want to keep as the primary domain. Only the primary domain can have custom web addresses and domain aliases.

Accounts associated with a Google Play Developer account

These user accounts lose their association when you move them to a new domain. After you delete the user account in the old domain, create a Play Developer account using a new account. Request to have apps transferred to the new account. For details, go to Transfer apps to a different developer account.

Step 1: Save Google Workspace data

Once you download the data that you want to save, you can't upload it to any other Google Workspace account. You can, however, open the downloaded data with the Google Cloud console.

Download any Google Workspace data you want to save. This data includes Gmail messages, Google Calendar events, Currents content, and files stored in Google Drive. The easiest way to download and export your users’ data is to use the data export tool. For details, go to Export your organization's data.

Step 2: Merge domains into one account

Important: When you delete an account from your Admin console, the deletion is permanent. The account cannot be restored.
  1. Cancel your Google Workspace or Cloud Identity subscription and delete all but one of your accounts. Depending on your subscription, for details, go to: 
  2. In the account that you want to keep, choose an option:
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