Hangouts video calls in Google Calendar

Video calls in Google Calendar makes it easy for everyone in an event to join a video conference.

Here are some tips for scheduling video calls in Google Calendar:

How do I join a video call?

Guests can join a video call in a variety of ways:

  • Click Join meeting in the event bubble or event page.
  • Click the video call link in the email invitation.
  • If they have an Android phone, guests can click Join Hangout in their Google Calendar event.

Google Apps for Work, Government, and Education users can also do the following:

  • Guests can also join a video call within their domain just by knowing the video call name. They can join by going to and typing the name of your video call or they can go to and replace “domain_name” with their domain and “video_call_name” with the name of the video call they want to join. Learn more
  • External participants must be added directly to the event invitation or video call or they will not be able to join.

Additionally, some domains may not allow Hangouts video calls, in which case you’ll see an error message displayed on the event page in the "Video call" field.

Please note that Hangouts in Calendar is currently only available in the Google Calendar app on Android. It is not available for other mobile devices such as iOS or on your mobile browser.

How do I create a video call in a calendar event?

By default, a video call is added to all new events in Google Calendar. 

If this option is disabled, your users can add a Hangouts video call to any Google Calendar event by clicking Add a video call on the event page. Google Apps for Work, Government, and Education users can also do the following:

  • The names of your video calls are customizable. Users can click Change name to modify the meeting name for that event.
  • Video calls are private to your domain. External participants must be invited to the event or added directly in the Hangouts video call or they will not be able to join.
  • You can eject participants from your video call. 

For more information about named calls, see our printable guides.

Although Hangouts with Google+ provides a superior experience, it is not required for Hangouts for Google Apps to work.
Are video calls automatically added to all Calendar events?

Yes, by default, a video call is added to all new events in Google Calendar.  See the Calendar: Events with video calls for more information. Note that users can still add and remove video calls from individual events.

Administrators can disable this setting.  Users must then manually click Add a video call every time a Google Calendar event is created.  To change the setting:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps > Google Apps > Calendar.
  3. Click Sharing settings.
  4. Under Video Calls, uncheck Automatically add video calls to events created by a user.
How do I add guests to a video call in Google Calendar?

A video call without anyone to talk to would be a bit boring. Add guests to a Calendar event by entering their email address in the Add guests field:

  1. Open the event invitation.
  2. Add the email addresses of your guests in the Add: Guests section.
  3. Press Save to send your invitation. Everyone you invite will receive an email with a URL which they can use to join the meeting.
  • A video call is automatically added to new events unless disabled by your admin.  Learn more
  • Guests outside of your domain (for example, if you’re at and they are at will not be able to join a video call unless they are invited to it. Make sure to add your external guests to your Guests list. See Calendar: Events with video calls for more information.


Can I remove a video call from my event?

If you don’t want a video call for a particular event, click Remove next to the video call link.

How do I remove a guest from a video call?

If someone joins the video call that you did not expect, or you need to remove them from the meeting, you can eject them. You can remove a participant by clicking the options menu on their photo and selecting Eject.

Once you’ve removed a participant, they can’t rejoin the meeting unless they are explicitly added to the meeting again from the video call.

How do I block a guest from a video call?

If you don’t feel comfortable in a Hangout with someone, you can block them.

See Block or ignore someone for more information.

Who can add video calls to an event?

Guests with edit access to the event (either through ‘Guests can modify’ being enabled or shared ownership of the calendar) can add a video call to the event; guests without edit access will not be able to add a video call to the event.

Note that if you give an external participant access to modify your event, the video call will be created in the domain of your calendar. For instance, if creates an event but allows to modify the event and add a video call, the video call will be restricted to

Can external participants join from the video call URL?

Yes, if external participants are invited directly to the event or video call, they can join by clicking the URL in the email invitation.  Other external users can also join using the URL, but a meeting participant must approve their request join. Learn more.