Switch to Google Talk

If you change your mind and want to switch back to Google Talk for all users in your organization's domain, you can disable the Hangouts chat service using the Admin console. Be sure your users understand what features will, and will not be available to them.

How to switch to Google Talk

Hangouts chat can be turned off for everyone in the organization, or for users in specific organizational units:

  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. Click click Apps, then click G Suite > Talk/Hangouts.
  3. Click Advanced settings.
  4. In the Organizations section near the top of the page, select your domain or the organizational unit for which you want to disable Hangouts.
  5. In the Chat section, select Google Talk only
You can also select Hangouts chat or Google Talk to allow users to chose their chat client.
What to tell users after switching to Google Talk

Your users will see these differences if you switch to Google Talk:


Previous Chat/Talk settings

Previous settings are restored. 

Chat History settings may not be preserved when the G Suite chat option is changed (for example, if you enable or disable Hangouts chat). Verify the Chat History settings are correct for the selected chat option.

Group conversations

Users will not be able to access the group conversations, although group conversation history will still be available.

Hangouts message history

If chat history was turned on, the Hangouts message history will continue to be available in Google Vault and in the user’s Gmail archive.

Android app

Users can continue using the Hangouts app, but they won't be able to do certain things, such as participating in group chats, or using autocomplete when typing the name of a contact to message. Also, if users try to chat with someone who they haven't chatted with previously, the new user won't receive the chat invitation. (The workaround is to chat with a new user on the desktop before attempting to do so on an Android device.)

iOS app and Chrome app

Users who have downloaded the Hangouts app for their iOS device or for Chrome will not be able to use it until Hangouts is re-enabled.

Google+ chat

Users will not be able to use chat in plus.google.com/ until Hangouts is re-enabled.

Video calls

What to tell users if you don't enable Hangouts

If you decide not to enable Hangouts chat for your domain, your users will not be able to chat in the Chrome app or in Google+ (plus.google.com/) or use the Hangouts iOS app. However, they will be able to continue to use the Hangouts Android app (what was previously the Google Talk Android app) for messaging and video calls.

Take a look at these scenarios to understand what happens if Hangouts chat is not enabled for your domain:

Google+ is enabled for the organization.

Users can chat in Gmail and make multi-way video calls from Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+.

In Google+, users can start video calls from several different places:

Google+ is not enabled for the organization.

Users can chat and make video calls from Gmail.

The organization does not use Gmail.

Users can still chat 1-on-1 and make video calls with Hangouts Android app.

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