Selected wrong billing currency

Applies to G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

When setting up billing for my Google service, I selected the wrong currency for my billing account.

During billing setup, go back and select the right currency

If you’re setting up the first subscription in your Google billing account, click Back in the setup window to go back and select the correct currency. Or restart billing for G Suite, Google Drive Enterprise, or Cloud Identity Premium, and this time choose the correct currency.

Switch to your local currency (Brazil, India, Mexico)

For Drive Enterprise billing, switching to the local currency is available for India only.

If you selected U.S. dollars, you might be able to switch to your local currency. See Change billing currency.

Delete your account and start over

As a final option (but not recommended), delete your account and set up billing again. If you have G Suite or Drive Enterprise, follow the instructions in Cancel your G Suite subscription. If you have Cloud Identity Premium without G Suite or Drive Enterprise, follow the instructions in Cancel Cloud Identity. When you set up billing again, select the right currency. 

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