Settings managed by your domain host

When you sign a domain up for your Google service, Google hosts and manages the services you use with your domain, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (if you use Google Workspace). However the domain itself is hosted outside of Google, by a domain hosting service. For example, activating Gmail service for users in your domain requires that you modify the domain's MX records at your domain host.

While our Help Center and support representatives can help you with issues related to Google and its services, you'll need to contact your domain host for help with issues related your domain host account. Specifically, you should contact your domain host for help with:

  • Advanced DNS settings (includes updates to your A records)
  • Modifying MX records and CNAME records
  • NS (Name Server) records
  • Locking and unlocking your domain
  • Privacy settings for your domain
  • Resetting the PIN and password for your domain host account
  • Any other domain registration information

For more information on these settings, visit the Basic Guide to DNS or contact your domain host directly.

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