Reset your administrator password

If you're an administrator of your organization's G Suite or Cloud Identity account and you forgot your password, or are having trouble signing in to your Google Account, here's what you can do to access your account.

Note: Users must sign in with their administrator’s account. You can use the account chooser to change accounts.

Reset your administrator password

  1. Open the sign in/recovery page and enter the username you use to sign in to your administrator account.
  2. Click Next.

    If you don't know your username, click Forgot email?. Then follow the instructions to access your account using your recovery email address or phone number.

    Tip: Click "Try another way" in the recovery flow if you can't answer some questions.

If you don't see recovery email or phone options, it could be for one of these reasons:

  • You didn't add this information to your admin account.
  • Your organization's Google account has more than 3 super admins or 500 users.

See If email and phone options aren't available below.

If email and phone options aren't available

  1. Ask another admin in your organization with Super Admin privileges to reset your password using the Google Admin console.
  2. If you can't ask another administrator for help, answer the questions about your Google Admin Account and your organization's Google account. You don't have to answer all the questions correctly to be able to verify your domain. Then, follow the instructions to verify your domain.

    Note: If you purchased your domain or chose a domain that’s free for one year when you signed up for G Suite or Cloud Identity, contact support using this form.

  3. If you don't see the questions about your account, this most likely means one of the following:
    • Your organization's Google account has more than 3 super admins or 500 users.
    • Google systems don't have enough information about your account to verify the correct answers to the questions.
    • You recently made too many attempts to answer some of the questions.
  4. Contact support using this form (G Suite or Cloud Identity only).

Important: If your admin account didn't have a recovery email address or phone number, make sure you add these recovery options to your account once you've signed in to the Admin console.

Change your administrator password

If you know your current password, you can sign in to your account and follow the steps to change your password.

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