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Server or domain error when signing in to Admin console

Server Error: You've reached a login page for a domain that isn't using G Suite

If you get an error saying you've reached a login page for a domain that isn't using G Suite, it means you're trying to sign in to a G Suite account that doesn't exist or isn't currently available.

Troubleshoot the server error

Step 1: Check any text that you entered

Make sure that you entered your username and password correctly when you tried to sign in.
Or, if you navigated to the Google Admin console directly using the URL, make sure you spelled your domain name correctly in the web address bar.

Step 2: Sign in with a different domain

If you never added additional domains to your G Suite account, skip this step.
You can't sign in to G Suite with a username that belongs to a domain alias, as in In G Suite, a domain alias is a domain name that was added to your account as an alternate address for a registered domain.
Instead, sign in with a username that belongs to the domain used to create your organization's G Suite account. Or, use a domain that wasn't added as an alias.

Learn more about domains and domain aliases in G Suite.

Step 3: Reregister an expired account

You can't sign in to your domain's G Suite account if the account has been deleted or deactivated. But, you can sign your domain up for G Suite again.
  1. Wait 24 hours from the time your account was deleted.
  2. Go to to reregister your domain.

Google deactivates your G Suite account if you don't verify ownership of your domain before the end of your free trial period. Another administrator at your organization can also delete an account. After the account is deleted, you can't recover any of its data.

What is a G Suite account?

A G Suite account is set up through your work or school, a club, or maybe family and friends. If you have another Google Account that you set up just for yourself, you might notice some differences when using each account.

For details, see Work or school Google Account.

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