Google Apps user account status

Status indicates what a user can or can’t manage in a Google Apps account. Users can have standard or suspended accounts, or be granted administrative privileges.

To see all users’ status, sign in to your Google Apps account Admin console, click on the Organization & users menu, and navigate to the Users tab. If the Status column is empty, that user has a standard Google Apps user account. One of the 5 following statuses may also be listed:

Be sure to have at least one Super Administrator at all times. Only a Super Administrator has full account access and can contact our technical Support.
  • Active
    Existing, currently active users. See the "Gmail" reference under "Suspended" for an exception to the Active status.
  • Newly created
    Any user that has never logged in to their account. Automatically applied to accounts you've just set up.

  • Suspended
    Users with an account that has been temporarily disabled by an administrator. Administrators can suspend a user account without deleting the domain profile or associated information, like documents and presentations. Suspended users cannot sign in until an administrator has restored the suspended user account.
  • Active but suspended from Gmail
    Gmail users that have been automatically suspended from that service only for violating any of its stated resource limits. In these cases, the users' status still appears as Active since they may still use other Google Apps and services. See Reset a Gmail suspension to determine if this user can be re-enabled immediately. See Policies for these limitations and Gmail best practices for avoiding them.

  • Abusive
    Users that violate the Terms of Service are automatically suspended and marked Abusive by our systems. Administrators can contact Support for more information.

  • Administrator
    A user with administrator status can manage other users’ access to Google Apps or perform actions that affect the setup of your organization's Google Apps account. Administrators have limited access to the Google Admin console and administrative APIs.

  • Super Administrator
    A super administrator can perform all administrative actions and have full access to all users’ calendars and calendar event details. Super administrators have complete access to the Google Admin console and APIs.

Change users’ account status

Any user can be assigned administrator privileges. A Google Apps account administrator can grant administrative or super administrator privileges to other users. Administrators can also suspend users or re-enable suspended users.