Find a user account

To change a user's password, give them an alternate email address, or otherwise manage their personal settings, access their user account in your Google Admin console. You can quickly find an account in the Admin console either by browsing the user list or searching.

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Browse: From the dashboard, click Users. If necessary, select the organizational unit the user belongs to. Then look for the user in the user list.
    • Search: Enter the user's name or email address in the search box at the top of the console.

      By default, search looks for addresses and first and last names that begin with your search text. It doesn't look for text in the middle or end of an address or name. For example, searching for bert returns results for Bert and Bertrand but not for Robert.

Use search operators to narrow your search

Search for user accounts based on other criteria or narrow down your search by using any of the following operators. Enter an operator, followed by a colon and your search text.

Operator Finds users... Examples
domain In a specific domain
email Whose email addresses match your search text
firstname Whose first names match your search text firstname:rob
lastname Whose last names match your search text lastname:smith
Searches can return group accounts, too. If you use search operators, however, you must include the email operator to return any group results, as in email:marketing.
Combine search operators

Enter two or more search operators to narrow your search even further.

Example Finds users... email:rob In whose email addresses start with rob firstname:rob In whose first names start with rob
firstname:rob lastname:smith Whose first names start with rob and last names start with smith email:rob firstname:bob In whose email addresses start with rob and firstnames start with bob.