Integrating Outlook and Exchange with G Suite

If your organization has switched to G Suite, but you’d like to keep using Microsoft® Outlook® and Exchange, you can integrate the services. 

Use Outlook with G Suite

Use Outlook to manage G Suite mail, calendars, and contacts

You can use G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO) to let users manage their G Suite mail, calendar, and contacts in Outlook. For details, see What is GSSMO?

Read Gmail messages in Outlook

Your users can access their Gmail messages in Outlook using the IMAP protocol. See Read Gmail messages on other email clients using IMAP.

Use Exchange with G Suite

Use an Exchange calendar with G Suite

If users want to continue using their Exchange calendar, they can manage their meetings and events in Exchange using Calendar Interop. Calendar Interop syncs the free/busy status of users in Google Calendar and Exchange so everyone can see each others' schedules.

See Get started with Calendar Interop.

Get email in 2 inboxes using dual delivery

With dual delivery, users receive their email in 2 inboxes. You could configure dual delivery to deliver mail to an Exchange inbox and a Gmail inbox. Dual delivery can help you try out Gmail with your organization before moving all users and data to G Suite. Learn more about email routing and delivery.

Move all users and data to G Suite

If you're interested in permanently moving to G Suite, you can use one of our migration tools to transfer your email, contacts, and calendar data. For details, see Best way to move your data

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