Find Drive documents in your domain

By default, search results in Google Drive are limited to items that have been shared with you or that you’ve accessed before.

However, if a document’s link sharing option is set to People at <your domain> can find and access or Public on the web, everyone in your domain can find the document by using the domain search option.

To search all public documents in your domain.

  1. Enter a query in the Drive search box.
  2. Click the arrow at the right of the search box.
  3. Check Search <your domain> at the bottom of the search options.
  4. Click the blue Search button.

Documents shared with the People at <your domain> with the link visibility option do not appear in “Search <your domain>" results.

Does your organization have 200 or fewer users? If so, you can create a group for everyone in your organization, and then share documents with members currently in that group. With this domain-sharing solution, the shared documents will appear in each group member’s Shared with me folder. Members added to the group later will not see previously shared items.

If you share a document with a group that has more than 200 members, however, the document won’t automatically show in Drive. To show the item in Drive in this situation, users must click the link in the sharing invitation email.

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