Run Google Cloud Print as a Windows Service

This article is for IT administrators setting up Google Cloud Print on their Windows print servers. If you’re new to Cloud Print, see Google Cloud Print services.

Set up Google Cloud Print for your Organization

If you’re using a Windows Print server, you can download and run Google Cloud Print as a Windows Service on your server. This will allow users in your organization to print to your organization’s legacy printers from Chrome devices and other web-enabled devices. This is the same as using Google Cloud Print Connector, but running it as a service means that Cloud Print will be always on--running on your organization’s servers. It can be used in parallel with your current print solution.

Install Google Cloud Print

  1. Install Chrome 27+ for all users. The Cloud Print service runs as different user and needs access to Chrome. Chrome should be located under %programfiles%\Google\Chrome
  2. Download GCP Windows Service.
  3. From your Start menu, open Google Cloud Print Service and run it.
  4. In the Windows prompt that appears, enter your Windows administrator username and password.
  5. Click Register.
  6. In the Chrome window that appears, sign in to your Google Apps account.
  7. Click Add Printers and don't close the browser. It will be closed automatically by the config utility. (You can close the popup if it's still open.) The "State:" field should switch to "Running".
  8. Verify that the expected printers are available in the management page.


  • At least some of your business’ printers are not Google Cloud Print Ready
  • You have a Windows print server or other Windows machine that is on around the clock that you’d like to use for print job routing.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 8, 64bit
  • Windows 7, 32/64bit
  • Windows Server 2008 and 2012, 64bit
  • Windows Server 2003, 32bit (only with Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack)
  • Windows XP with SP 3, 32bit (only with Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack)
Note: Windows XP and Server 2003 will no longer be supported after the Windows XP End of Support date (April 8, 2014).


Open your Control Panel in Windows and uninstall Google Cloud Print Service.


  • You can start, stop, register, and unregister the service using config utility from step 2 of setup.
  • You can enabling logging during service registration. Logs will be available at "C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Google\Cloud Print Service\chrome_debug.log" (for Windows 7)


Does installing the GCP Connector as a service on a Windows 2008\2012 server require a Local Admin account (not Domain Admin\)?

It requires permissions in order to see and print to the Windows print shares. If these are locally-attached printers, local admin account is fine. If they're network printers, then you'll need whatever permission is required in order to submit and remove print jobs.

Does the Cloud Print Service run as a Local System and not require a service account to run?

Cloud Print set up according to the instructions in this article runs as the Windows account you specify during setup of the Windows GCP service.

What are the minimum Windows permissions required for this service account?

A Windows service or user account is fine.

Is Port 5222 required inbound for the print server?

No, only 5222 outbound is required.

443 TCP (HTTPS), with connections to:***

5222 TCP (XMPP, using STARTTLS), with a persistent connection to:

Is Port 5222 required to be opened in or out for all PCs or just the print server?

Port 5222 is required only for the print server. PCs and Chromebooks will submit print jobs to Google over https:443.