Managing Hangouts for G Suite

Google Hangouts unifies chats, audio calls, and video meetings across all of your users' devices. Whether they're in Gmail, on the desktop, or on Android or iOS® devices, your users won't miss a thing because all their Hangouts are synchronized.

As a G Suite administrator ...

Set up Hangouts for your team

Although Google Hangouts for G Suite is enabled by default, you may need to turn on video calls if previously disabled by an administrator, turn on Hangouts Chat (if your organization uses Google Talk), install the Hangouts apps on user devices, or change other settings that optimize the Hangouts experience.

Configure video call options

Customize Hangouts video calls to simplify guest access, join from non-Google video call systems, or use Hangouts video calls with Microsoft® Outlook®.

Enable video calls with Microsoft Outlook

Install the Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to allow users to schedule Hangouts video calls with other Outlook users in your organization.

Questions about using Hangouts with G Suite? See the Hangouts FAQ for administrators.

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