Manage services from an Android device

Super administrators of a Google enterprise account can perform essential administrative tasks from their Android smartphone or tablet by using the Admin console Android mobile app. Use this mobile app to:

  • Create and manage users, reset passwords, edit profiles, upload profile photos, and suspend users
  • Manage groups, add users to groups, edit user roles, list group members
  • Contact Support for Google Apps for Business with Customer and Support PINs
  • Review account activities in the audit log, and filter events by event type, administrator, or date range

To get started:

  1. Enable API access for your organization. The app leverages the APIs and does not work in organizations without API access.
  2. Enable Device Policies for your domain to enable remote wipe of the device in case it gets lost. (Recommended. Only available for Google Apps for Business users.)
  3. Set up a lock-screen PIN on your device for security. (Recommended.)
  4. Install the app from the Google play store.
  5. Log in to the app as a super administrator. Only super administrators can use the app at this time.


The app shows an "Insufficient permissions" message if you attempt to log in without super administrator credentials, or if your organization hasn't enabled API access.

After you log in, the app displays its main screen, which provides quick access to the most commonly-used features. If you don't see the feature you want, swipe your finger to the right.

Mobile Admin App