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Get the most out of Google Apps in your workplace with training guides, tips, customer examples, and other resources at the Google Apps Learning Center (

Visit the Google Apps Learning Center

At the Learning Center, you'll find:

  • A Quick Start Guide—Only have a few minutes? Begin using email, calendars, video meetings, and more in 7 easy steps.

  • Product training and FAQs—Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, quickly learn about everything included in Google Apps, such as business email, online file storage, shared calendars, and video meetings.

  • Switching guides—Transitioning from a legacy product like Microsoft® Office®, Outlook®, or Dropbox®? See differences at a glance, feature-by-feature comparisons, and tips to start using Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and more.

  • Cheat sheets—Need a quick reference for the product basics you've learned? Keep our one-page cheat sheets nearby or distribute them throughout your organization.

  • Quick tips—Explore our library of new ways to auto-organize your inbox, create shared team calendars, set up dynamic project plans, broadcast live events, and more.

  • Learn from our customers—The people who use Google Apps every day know it best. Discover new ideas for working together and running your business, shared by customers in different industries and all over the world.

...and more!

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