Migrate from Google Cloud Connect to Google Drive

In 2011, we introduced Google Cloud Connect, a free Microsoft Windows plug-in to help people work in the cloud by automatically saving Microsoft Office files to Google Drive. Currently, installing Google Drive as a folder on your desktop achieves the same thing with better results. Files saved to Google Drive on your Mac or PC are stored in the cloud, and are therefore available from any internet-connected device. And while Cloud Connect only worked on Windows, Drive works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

To focus our resources on Google Drive, we’re discontinuing Google Cloud Connect. Existing users will no longer be able to use Cloud Connect as of April 30th, 2013.

If you've been using Google Cloud Connect, here's how to migrate to Google Drive:

  1. Log out of Google Cloud Connect.

    Open Word, Excel or Powerpoint, click the Google Cloud Connect drop-down button, and then choose Google Cloud Connect Settings > Logout.

  2. Uninstall Google Cloud Connect:

    1. Click Start and navigate to your Control Panel.
    2. Go to Programs and Features.
    3. Then, select Uninstall or change program.
    4. Choose to uninstall Google Cloud Connect.
  3. Install (or restart) Google Drive for Mac/PC.

  4. Make sure Google Drive for Mac/PC is enabled for your users:

    1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
    2. Click Google Apps > Drive > General.
    3. Click General.
    4. Scroll to the Drive section and select an option to allow Google Drive for Mac/PC in your organization. Consider the option to hide the download links in the Google Drive web interface if you are using the .msi file to deploy Google Drive for Mac/PC.

  5. Ask users to sign in to Google Drive on the web and make sure all the files they want to sync to their computer are added to the My Drive folder.

    Only files in My Drive on the web will sync to the desktop. If users have files that they want to sync in the Shared with me folder, they can add those files to My Drive. (See Syncing shared files to learn how.)

    The files in My Drive will download to their computer and any changes will sync across the web and their desktop. Users can also add any files to the My Drive folder on their computer that they want to upload and sync to the cloud.

See Launch Google Drive in your organization for tips on how to deploy Google Drive in your organization and resources to help your users get started.

Note that Google Drive handles multi-person editing of Microsoft Office files differently than Google Cloud Connect. When two people are working on the same document on their computers, the most recent version is always saved to Google Drive on the web and a duplicate is created in the other person's My Drive folder on their computer. See the Google Drive user help to learn more.