Install Google Cloud Print on a CUPS server

This article is for system administrators who are familiar with the CUPS printing system, commonly packaged with Linux®, Berkeley Software Distribution® (BSD), and Mac® OS X® operating systems.

Note: After December 31, 2020, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported. Learn more about your migration options.

You can connect printers that are installed on CUPS print servers to Google Cloud Print using the Google Cloud Print CUPS Connector. With the CUPS Connector, you don’t need Chrome or any other GUI software to connect your printers. We recommend using the Google Cloud Print CUPS Connector if you:

  • Need to connect more than one printer to Google Cloud Print—you only need to manage one CUPS server and one CUPS Connector.
  • Need to share classic printers—you don’t need to commit a workstation to continuously run to support Google Cloud Print.
  • Have special privacy requirements—you can configure the connector for local printing only, so that print jobs never leave the physical site.

You can learn more about the CUPS Connector, as well as report bugs and get help, at GitHub.

Note: Google Cloud Print sends your documents to Google. Google keeps these documents until the print job is complete. Google may store data about the print job. Learn more.

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