How long a GSMME migration takes

G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange

G Suite Migration for Microsoft® Exchange (GSMME) can migrate data from your legacy environment to G Suite. Each GSMME client machine migrates the number of users you specify at the same time. GSMME defaults to 25 users, but you can modify this as part of the setup process.

The migration rate might also be affected by hardware or network latency issues. Factors that can affect migration speed include:

  • Physical resources on the client machine, like CPU, memory, disk speed, and network connection speed.
  • Physical resources on the Exchange or IMAP server.
  • The overall speed of your network and your connection to external networks.
  • The amount of traffic outside your network.
  • The load on a mailbox. A mailbox receiving a lot of emails may reduce migration speed.
  • The size of email attachments.

You can increase the amount of data being processed by increasing the number of users you process simultaneously on each client machine. Or, you can run GSMME on multiple client machines. Based on our current testing using Windows® Server 2003 and above, you can optimally process 20-50 users at a time on a client machine, depending on the machine’s configuration.

Note: It's strongly recommended that you run GSMME on a client machine separate from your IMAP mail server.
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