Core features vs. business features

Google+ has the same core features for G Suite customers as the consumer version of Google+, with additional business features. G Suite customers can restrict the use of Google+ to certain users, control whether data can be shared with people outside your domain, and manage users' social collaborations in a variety of other ways.

As an administrator, you can...
  • Enable or disable Google+ for all users or specific users. Learn more
  • Prevent posts and communities from being shared outside your organization’s domain by default. Learn more
  • Correct the age of users who accidentally entered the wrong age when signing up. Learn more
  • Control whether your users’ profiles can be indexed by search engines. Learn more
  • Control whether third-party apps can make use of Google+ APIs. Learn more
  • Manage Google+ profiles.  For example:
    • See which users in your domain have Google+ profiles. Learn more
    • Create and manage Google+ profiles for users in your domain. Learn more
    • Prevent users from changing their Google+ profile names. Learn more
Note: G Suite legacy free edition administrators may not have access to all Google+ settings.
Additionally, Google+ users in your organization can...
  • Easily share content internally with all users in your domain, even if they haven't added all users to circle. Along with their own sharing circles, users will see your organization's domain name as a sharing option.
  • Override the default sharing setting for individual posts and communities.
  • Update their own profile discoverability setting.
  • Use profile labels to recognize other Google+ users in your domain, easily distinguishing them from personal or other external profiles.
  • Restrict posts only to your organization’s domain. Users who receive a restricted post can't re-share it with people outside your organization
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