Viewing message details with email log search

This article describes how to view details for messages found via email log search. See Finding messages with email log search for instructions on conducting email searches. See Interpreting message details for ways to use log search results to examine delivery problems.

After clicking Search on the email log search page, the results view displays a list of messages matching your search criteria along with their message ID or subject, sender, recipient, delivery status, and direction.

Click a message’s subject or ID within the search results list to see its details.

Email log search details

The details are broken down into two sections:

Message details

The Message details section contains basic information about the message, including its subject, sender, and recipient. In addition, it contains these attributes that deserve additional explanation:
  • Message ID - the unique identifier granted the message by the mail processing system. This identifier is found within the message header.
  • Message size - the total size of the message including attachments.
  • Attachments - The number of files attached to the message.
  • Transit time - the duration the message spent within the Google network from its entry to exit, as indicated in the logs.

Recipient details

The Recipient details section at the bottom lists each message recipient. Click the arrow next to a recipient email address to expand and view delivery information for the recipient. Each row represents one step in the delivery process and shows the date, time and a description of that step.

Remember, the times shown represent the time zone of the computer from which the administrator has logged into the control panel. Please note the same message can have a different delivery status for each recipient. Click the arrow to expand and see states and recipients.

For instance, you can see to what IP address a message has been sent, whether or not it was encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS), and if it was delivered or marked as spam. See Interpreting message details for descriptions of each possible status. Click Back to results to return to the results list.