Email log search overview

What is email log search?

Email log search lets administrators sift through the delivery logs for their domains and evaluate message transit. This is useful for tracking down a sender or recipient's missing messages, such as those that have been quarantined as spam or otherwise routed incorrectly. Use email log search to determine the IP addresses sending and receiving mail or to troubleshoot how policies affect mail flow.

  • Only super administrators have access to email log search.
  • This feature is available in Google Apps for Work and Google Apps Unlimited only.
  • Resellers don't have access to the email log search feature for a resold domain when accessing its Admin console via the reseller console.
  • The subject line is not visible to government edition customers, or other customers who have data location restrictions in place.

How do I begin?

  1. Learn about the tool. See the answers below for guidelines and tips.
  2. Perform a searchSee Finding messages with email log search for steps on using the tool.
  3. Examine the resultsSee Viewing message details for a description of the output.
  4. Analyze the routeSee Interpreting message details for recommendations on using log search results to investigate delivery issues.

What messages appear in results?

  • Messages sent from one hour ago to seven days in the past, or for a date range you specify up to thirty days in the past
  • Messages to or from any Google Apps user in your domains
  • Messages to Google Groups and other mailing lists containing your Google Apps users

What search criteria can I use?

  • A specific date and time range
  • A particular sender or recipient—enter a full or partial email address, or just the domain (for example,
  • A particular sender or recipient IP address
  • A specific message ID


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