Debit authorization during free trial

This article applies to customers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.

If you are in your 30 day free trial period for a Google service, then you will need to setup a Billing and Payment plan before your trial end date in order to graduate into your paid subscription period. A valid primary form of payment will have to be verified and fully enabled in your Billing account to avoid automatic suspension on the trial end date.

If you intend to use a bank account as your primary form of payment, then it is important to note that direct debit authorizations usually take five business days to process after we have received them.

Submit your debit authorization as soon as possible or at least five days before your trial end date to avoid a suspension.

Country Recommended way to submit your direct debit authorization form Approximate time to process
France Mail your signed and dated debit authorization, along with a valid RIB form from your bank, to Google at the address indicated on the document. Time in transit + five business days
Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain Please send a scanned copy of your debit authorization using this form. Five business days

Please see the instructions to print and send debit authorization.

I am close to my trial end and would like to avoid being supended.

If you submitted your debit authorization less than five days before your trial end date, then you can temporarily use a credit card as the valid primary form of payment to avoid automatic suspension at the end of the trial period. Please see the instructions for changing your automatic payment form assignment.

Once your debit authorization has been received and fully approved, you can assign your bank account as the primary form of payment. We recommend that you use the credit card as a backup form of payment.

I am past my trial end date and my account is suspended

Please see the article on lifting suspensions.