Sync all contact data to your mobile device

When you use Contacts with a work or school account, some of your contact data might not sync automatically to your mobile device. For example, to sync missing data from a contact’s Google+ profile, a company directory, or other sources, you may need to use an app or other solution. 

See what isn’t syncing to mobile

Exactly what information syncs can depend on your device’s operating system and version. To see your contact data:

  1. On your computer, open Contacts.
  2. Click the contact name to open their details.
  3. Hover over a detail, such as their phone number or birthday. Then look at the icon to the right.

    The Domain directory Domain directory or the Google+ Google plus icons highlight information that’s coming from an outside source. This information doesn’t automatically sync to your mobile device.

Note: You’ll only see additional contact information, such as directory or Google+ data, if your organization has turned on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.

Sync all contact details to your mobile device

Here are some ways to sync all contact data to your device, by operating system and version.

Mobile device type and OS Recommended Contacts App or Solution
Android 5.0 Lollipop and later Contacts app by Google
Apple iOS®

For details, see Get G Suite mail, calendar and contacts on iOS

Other platforms

BlackBerry® 10
Windows Phone

Note: The Contacts app by Google is the default application on Nexus/Pixel devices. It's available for all Android 5.0 Lollipop and later devices. The Contacts app by Google is recommended, but some device manufacturers use their own contacts applications. If you have problems syncing contacts using a third-party Contacts application, please contact the device manufacturer.

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