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Connected profiles on mobile devices

The Contacts service will look for Google Profiles connected to your contacts, and use them to keep your contacts up to date. Updates in the profile automatically appear in your online contact manager. For more information, see What is Google Contacts? and Connected profiles. These connected profiles will be kept up to date.

Important: Please note that G Suite domains must have enabled Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections to have connected profiles available to their users.

On the web, the contacts entries you see are the result of combining both information you have manually entered and information from the contact's Google Profile, a connected profile. The information from these connected profiles does not automatically synchronize to mobile devices through standard contacts sync. So, depending on the operating system type and version of your mobile device, you may only see part of your contacts’ details there.

If you do not see contact information on your mobile device but do see it in the web interface, hover over the data and look at the icon to the right. If the icon is a little building or a Google+ logo, this indicates the information is coming from a connected Google Profile and not your My Contacts. This information won't be synced automatically.

There are a variety of ways to make this contact information available on mobile devices. See the following table for a summary of mobile device contact tools by operating system and version.

Mobile Device Type & OS Available Contact Information Recommended Contacts App or Solution
Android devices, 5.0 and higher Connected profile information is available Google Contacts app
Android devices, 3.0 and higher Connected profile information is available People app (native on Android 3.0+ devices)
BlackBerry devices Connected profile information is available Set up Google Sync
iOS devices, all OS

Connected Profile information is available on iOS 4.0 or higher using Google+ for iOS

(Note: You should also set up Google Sync for iOS.)

Google+ for iOS

Google Sync for iOS


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