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    Postini Transition to Google Apps Email Security: Change MX records

    Introduction | 1. Get started | 2. Configure Apps | 3. Enable passthrough | 4. Change MX | Support

    Important: Use this guide only if you use the integrated version of Postini, which means you can access both Postini and the Google Admin console with one login, and users are automatically synchronized between the two systems. If your organization uses a non-Gmail mail server, and if you sign in only to the Postini Admin console to manage your Postini service, see the Transition Guide for Postini classic customers.

    Why you need to change your MX records

    Until you change your MX records, your mail is still routing through the Postini data center. You will experience the best results -- for both your users and administrators -- after you change your MX records to Google Apps.

    We recommend that you wait at least 1 week after enabling passthrough before changing your MX records (changing your MX records immediately is not recommended). However, over a longer period of time you may experience degraded spam filtering due to the unnecessary routing of your mail through Postini before it reaches Google, so we recommend that you change your MX records within 4 weeks.

    How to change your MX records

    Changing your mail exchange (MX) records is the final step in your transition from Postini to Google Apps email security.

    Before email will be delivered to your users' Gmail inboxes, you need to update your domain to route email messages through the Google Apps mail servers. To do that, use the administration console for your domain provider to create MX records that point to the Google Apps mail servers. For instructions, see the sections below.

    Before you begin

    Important: Before you begin changing your MX records, you may need to make a few changes to your Google Apps configuration in the Admin console. Carefully review your settings for Inbound Gateway, Outbound Gateway and Email Whitlelist and remove any Postini IP addresses (ending with .OBSMTP.COM) that you may have in these settings. For additional important details and instructions, see the FAQs in this guide.

    From the Google Admin console, do the following:

    1. Click Settings.
    2. Click Email.
    3. From the General tab, scroll down to the Email whitelist, Outbound gateway, and Inbound gateway sections.
    4. Remove any IP addresses in these fields.
    5. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

    Additionally, if you created an SPF record for Postini, you must log in to your domain provider to remove your Postini entries. You also need to add SPF records for Gmail. For instructions on adding SPF records for Gmail, and removing SPF records for Postini, see SPF Records and Configuring SPF for outbound services.

    Change your MX records

    Once you are happy with your new Google Apps email settings -- and once you have checked your settings for Inbound Gateway, Outbound Gatway, Email whitelist, and SPF records -- proceed to change your MX records.

    For step-by-step instructions on changing your MX records to Google Apps, and for detailed instructions for specific domain providers, see Configure email delivery in the Help Center.

    You can view your list of domains by clicking your domains on the Change MX page in the Transition Wizard. You need to insert the following DNS MX records for each of your domains.

    Priority Mail server








    • ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM must be the top priority record.
    • After changing your MX records to Google Apps, be sure to remove all MX records that contain .PSMTP.COM (the Postini MX records). We recommend that you not keep the Postini MX records as secondary MX records.
    • If your domain provider enables you to set the Time to Live (TTL) value for the record, set it to 300 seconds if there is no suggested value from your domain provider.
    • Changes to MX records can take up to 48 hours to propagate throughout the Internet.

    If you have difficulty changing MX records, contact your domain provider for assistance. For more instructions, see the following articles in the Help Center:

    Configure email delivery - Google Apps mail servers
    Detailed Instructions for Specific Domain Hosts
    Finding Your Domain Host
    Troubleshoot your Postini transition to Google Apps

    For additional important details and instructions, see the Technical FAQs.

    Once you have changed your MX records and completed your transition, there's no need to make any changes or clean up your settings in the Postini Admin Console. As you complete your transition, your new email security settings will be available only from the Google Admin console. Your Postini settings will have no effect, and we recommend that you leave your settings as they are.

    Introduction | 1. Get started | 2. Configure Apps | 3. Enable passthrough | 4. Change MX | Support

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