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Postini Transition to Google Apps Email Security: Introduction

Introduction | 1. Get started | 2. Configure Apps | 3. Enable passthrough | 4. Change MX | Support

Important: Use this guide only if you use the integrated version of Postini, which means you can access both Postini and the Google Admin console with one login, and users are automatically synchronized between the two systems. If your organization uses a non-Gmail mail server, and if you sign in only to the Postini Admin console to manage your Postini service, see the Transition Guide for Postini classic customers.

If you are ready to make the move to Google Apps email security right away, you can skip the steps in this guide and complete your transition now. See the Quick Start page to finish your transition using a simple checklist.

We recommend the Quick Start page if you have not changed or customized your Postini settings and want to quickly complete your transition.

However, if you have used the Postini Admin Console to configure custom settings such as Content Manager, Approved and Blocked Senders, and Attachment Manager, then we recommend that you follow the steps below.

If you have already configured your Google Apps email security settings, and if you are ready to complete your transition, you can skip the first three steps in this guide and change your MX records. In addition to changing your MX records, you may need to change your settings for Inbound Gateway, Outbound Gateway, and Email Whitlelist and remove any Postini IP addresses that you may have in these settings. See change your MX records for instructions.

If you have any questions during your transition, see the Technical FAQs in this Transition Guide. To help you prepare for your transition, see the General FAQs.

About the Postini Transition to Google Apps email security

In 2011, we began the process of creating a more unified Google Apps experience by building some Postini features directly into the Google Admin console. To learn about the latest new features as they are released, see Configure advanced settings for Gmail.

Using the Transition tab in the Postini Administration Console

For Postini integrated customers, the Transition wizard will help you understand this process and complete your transition from Postini to Google Apps. This guide roughly follows the steps in the Transition wizard. To access the wizard, log in to the Postini Administration Console, and click the Transition tab.

For instructions on beginning your transition to Google Apps email security, see Get started. If you are ready to complete your transition, see Change MX.
IMPORTANT: If you're a Postini GMD integrated customer getting started with Google Vault, your archive data is copied from GMD to Vault during your service transition, but your GMD users and settings are not transitioned. You'll need to manually set up your users and settings in Vault during your transition. For details and instructions about setting up Vault, see Manually transition GMD to an existing Vault instance and the Vault help center.

Introduction | 1. Get started | 2. Configure Apps | 3. Enable passthrough | 4. Change MX | Support

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