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Adding a <meta> tag to the <head> section of your website's home page is one way to verify domain ownership and activate Google Apps for your domain. This requires that you have access to files on your domain's web server. If your domain doesn't have a web server (for example, if you never set up a website for it), or if you use a content management system that doesn't let you access HTML directly, you can verify domain ownership in other ways, instead (view other options).

Your website's home page HTML file with the <meta> tag added must be available at your naked domain and from anywhere on the internet. This means the file is visible at your domain minus "www" in the URL, such as and not Also, the file must also be publicly available and not limited to your corporate network.

Add a <meta> tag

You add a <meta> tag to your site's home page by modifying a file on your domain's web server. If you're not sure how to do this, contact the person who manages your site for help.

  1. Sign up for Google Apps and follow the instructions that appear to verify domain ownership. When prompted, choose META tag from the verification options. (If this option isn't available, you can't verify using this method and should choose one of the other options, instead.)
  2. Copy the <meta> tag provided in your Admin console's instructions, and using any text or HTML editor, paste it in your site's home page. Place it in the <head> section, before the first <body> section. See the instructions in your Admin console for the exact text to insert and an example showing exactly where to place it.
  3. Upload the modified file to your web server, replacing the previous home page file.

Make sure it worked

  1. Open any browser window and go to your website's home page.
  2. Choose the appropriate menu item in your browser to view the HTML source of your home page (it's probably called something like View Source or View HTML). In most browsers, you can right-click on the page to open this menu.
  3. Look in the <head> section of the HTML source to confirm that your <meta> tag is there.

Complete domain verification

  1. Return to the verification instructions in your Google Admin console.
  2. Click the Verify button. This prompts Google to check for the <meta> tag on your site's home page. Once we find the tag, we'll activate service for your domain. Note that this might take an hour or so. If we don't find the tag immediately, we'll check for it periodically.


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